Welcome to BeachEdge Decking & Design

Phoenix Valley Pool buyers now have the most amazing pool upgrade available for their new in ground swimming pool! Our patent pending Zero Edge design concept offered by Beach Edge™ Design and Decking is receiving incredible feedback as the most innovative and creative way to add an aesthetic luxury to your in ground swimming pool. By simply adding this built in pool design upgrade pool owners are experiencing all the benefits of a zero edge swimming pool. This amazing pool feature provides endless amounts of benefits and enjoyment to your pool.  BeachEdge™ Design and Decking offers pool owners the ability to add a zero edge pool design to their pool edge without the exponential high cost normally associated with a zero edge pool.

The zero edge resort style pool edge that has normally been reserved for the extravagant custom home buyer, can know be yours at a fraction of the cost!  By offering the design feature as a pool upgrade BeachEdge™ is giving pool buyers an added feature that has been not been offered to most pool owners in the pass. BeachEdge™ Design and Decking is bringing innovation to the pool industry.  

Phoenix pool owners have the opportunity to experience the serenity of lying on the beach and feeling the closeness of the water as they relax into an afternoon of solitude. Imagine the sensation of strolling next to the water and feeling the water touch your toes as though you were walking on the beach.  BeachEdge™ Pool Design creates these incredible soothing and relaxing beach sensations for the everyday pool buyer. The Zero Edge Pool design is just not for the Rich & Famous anymore.

The patent pending BeachEdge™ Design upgrade is now available with new pool construction or remodels. This is much more than a trendy upgrade that may capture your attention for a few fleeting moment. The BeachEdge™ Design upgrade transforms the look of a traditional commonly viewed pool to a look of elegance, style, beauty and serenity. BeachEdge™ Designs is breaking ground with its New Patent Pending Zero Edge BeachEdge™ Design.  

The BeachEdge™ Design concept takes the zero edge seamless look to a new level of pool design. Pool owners will no longer have to experience the inconveniences of the traditional 6 inch pool edge. The outdated cumbersome 6 inch pool edges are washed away with the BeachEdge™ Design. This unique zero edge design opens up the pool edge to the water similar to the feeling of walking into the water as though you were at a beach. This welcome feeling into the water is created from our unique design that is virtually a simple upgrade to your pool. Now Luxury is available for all pools.

Since the inception of the first BeachEdge pool 15 years ago there have been various styles and materials used to continually enhance and improve the look and feel of our pool designs. Our BeachEdge™ Decking offers various material options available to meet the pool owner’s lifestyle. The popularity of our BeachEdge™Original and Beachedge™ Elegance has demonstrated that the design combined with the customer’s choice of materials creates a long lasting love affair with our pools.

The mission of BeachEdge™ Design and Decking is to create memorable fun relaxing experiences available to Arizona pool owners. A pool can be enjoyed so many ways; we feel creating an aesthetic pleasingly functional zero edge pool is the most enjoyable of all pool designs. We help pool owners experience the luxury of a zero edge pool at reasonable upgrade price that will provide endless years of pool enjoyment for family and friends.