Zero Edge Pool

Zero Edge Pools are Changing with the Times

Zero Edge Pools: What is a Zero Edge Pool? A true zero is pool is when the water level meets the water’s edge of the pool. With a traditional pool the edge of the pool is usually four inches down from the deck line. This has been a cost effective why of building pools for a number of years and still is to this day.  With the traditional zero edge pool to compensate for the overflow of water there has been a gutter placed back from the edge to capture the water and allow it migrates back to the pool via a holding tank.

Historically gutter pools have been costly and a real maintenance night mare. Because of this complicated process a “Zero Edge Pools” with gutter has become cost prohibitive for most. BeachEdge™Design Pools has introduced a patent pending design that eliminates the pitfalls of zero edge pools and now has beautiful zero edge beach like pools for homeowners priced right.

BeachEdge™Decking pools have recently made their new zero design available with a select number of pool builders in the Phoenix Metropolitan Market. The Phoenix In Ground Swimming Pool Market has historically been known as one of the biggest pool market in the country. BeachEdge™ Decking & Design created by DSE Contracting, Inc. has introduced a new in ground pool design feature to the Phoenix pool industry. This new patent pending design will change how builders will offer zero edge pools at affordable prices on the medium priced pool market.